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Concrete Restoration

Restoration of concrete

Restoration of concrete is required when the plaster and concrete are disintegrated to a point where reinforcement iron is exposed.

The danger in that case is that the iron will be etched by corrosion up to the possibility of collapsing or extensive disintegration of the concrete.

Concrete disintegration phenomenon and exposure of reinforcement iron is typical to structures that are close to the sea, pools and water towers that are made from concrete and old structures as well.

Fixing these damages is by restoration of concrete, as detailed below.

In order to restore concrete there is a number of preparation actions that must be done:

  1. Quarrying and/or chiseling.
  2. Exposing reinforcement iron from all sides. Clean iron and remove scales/ loose rusty parts. In case needed cut damaged reinforcement iron and weld new iron bar instead.
  3. Wash and clean exposed iron, with water pressure.
  4. Spread anticorrosive/ rust resistant material.
  5. Spread fixing material on exposed broken concrete and on iron.


Once the area is prepared for concrete restoration, make filing with polymeric plaster and after it dries add top plaster. There are a number of methods for concrete restoration:

  • Filling with mix that contains aggregate and cement.
  • Filling with grout latex in a number of layers.
  • Filling with grout latex- make sure to do currying correctly according to thickness of filling layer.


Finishing layer in concrete restoration:

In order to get a decorative look on the concrete, spread coating- polymeric color or decorative coating material on to top plaster.



Ehud Astrakhan,

Company engineer

Translation by David Weissman