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Welcome, the objective of this website is to expand the existing knowledge on the areas of practice and organizational structure of Reshef-Group, to submit documents and recommendation’s attesting to the satisfaction of our customers and to present a list of projects that the company is engaged in these days.

Reshef group is a contracting company for executing projects, founded in 1975 in Haifa.

The Group provides a wide range of solutions to deal with the effects of corrosion in structures and metals, waterproofing problems in reservoirs and structures, unique solutions for constructive strengthening, passive protection against fire and external decorative solutions for buildings.

The group is active in a variety of sectors in the heavy and light industry, the Israeli construction and infrastructure industries and at times in projects and consulting overseas.

Amongst our prominent customers are public corporations and companies, government, and security agencies, Designing offices, engineering consultancy as well as private clients.

Reshef Group’s uniqueness is expressed in a variety of practice areas, and our wide service options that we offer.

Our Group vision is to provide quality, holistic and long term solutions for our clients while ensuring top quality and service, supervised by Technion’s ISO-9002 Standard.


Chaim Reshef


Fani Shitrit

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Ran Reshef

Vice President

Ihab Hatib

Chief Project Manager

Eli Dahan

Project Manager

Eli Dolev

Manager of Business and Development

Zviya Damari

Account Manager

Mohamad Shene

Project Manager

(ע) ג’ריס מח’ול

(ע) מנהל פרויקט

(ע) גלאל מרזוק

(ע) מנהל פרויקט

(ע) סרגיי בדנז

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(ע) אריה נחשון

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(ע) דניאל שיץ

(ע) מנהל עבודה כלי שייט

(ע) מרדכי ספרא

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(ע) אבי לוי

(ע) מנהל פרויקט

(ע) איימן אבו פארחה

(ע) מנהל פרויקט

Company Structue

Reshef Group is composed of a strong veteran management department that includes skilled professionals such as the Company Engineer, Amounts Engineer, Project Managers, and Unit Heads around the country. This allows a comprehensive management and complete control of execution throughout the country.
The company owns and array of equipment, transportation and many electrical, mechanical and pneumatic tools (that include pressure and spray pumps, air compressors, trucks, injections systems for advanced waterproofing, testing equipment, measurement and calibration as an important part of quality control procedures and other tools).
This arrangement allows out company teams to simultaneously execute many projects in parallel while ensuring quality workmanship.